Agilite 'IPC' Injured Personnel Carrier



The IPC is Agilite's latest breakthrough, designed to efficiently carry the most important load you will ever carry-an injured friend. The IPC, which is intended to replace the fireman's carry, allows you to carry an injured or otherwise incapacitated person comfortably like a backpack. Designed by Agilite in conjunction with Israeli Army Special Forces, the IPC allows the wearer to evacuate a wounded person and keep their hands completely free to operate a weapon or navigate difficult terrain.

Practical not just for the military, the IPC allows you to carry an injured fellow hiker long distances in a way that is more comfortable than any existing method, both for the carrier and the evacuee.

The IPC is:
  • The only evacuation method that keeps both hands free
  • More comfortable than the fireman's carry for both carrier and evacuee
  • Strong yet extremely compact and lightweight
  • An easier way to carry a person for extended periods
  • Ideal for soldiers, hikers, firefighters and emergency responder



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