Revision Military Batlskin Viper A1 Head Protection System w/ Interlocking Rails

Revision Military


The Revision Batlskin System is a fully modular, scalable and tailorable suite of integrated head protection components that provides ballistic and impact head protection. The Batlskin Viper System includes Batlskin Viper A1 Full Cut Helmet with 1 NVG hole, O.75" pad set, standard harness, Batlskin Viper Modular Head Protection system, Interlocking Long Rails and a pre-installed Batlskin Viper Helmet Cover. Available in high-performance composite materials or traditional aramid fibers, ensuring the ultimate protection regardless of budget or specific requirements.

Meets stringent quality standards, this helmet exceeds U.S. Army specifications for Blunt impact, Blast fragmentation, and Ballistic threats.

The Viper head protection system couples high performance materials with innovative design, delivering advanced protection from blunt force, blast and ballistic threats.

Designed as a comprehensive system, each Batlskin component seamlessly integrates with the next for a team of equipment that delivers peak performance.

Wear system components in any combination to achieve the ideal balance between protection and lethality.

Purposefully designed and field tested to operate with various in-service equipment from NVGs to communications gear and weapons sights.



Category: Ballistic, Batlskin System, Full Cut

Type: Ballistic Helmets



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