Princeton Tec Charge Pro MPLS

Princeton Tec


CR123 power and special circuitry in a low profile package address the lighting needs of users on the toughest missions. Charge Pro MPLS has the exclusive flexi-neck design that gets spot illumination to the task at hand.

Charge Pro has advanced circuitry and a CR123 lithium power source for viability in extreme temperature conditions as well as compatibility with the same batteries as the rest of your gear.

Charge Pro incorporates a high-power white Maxbright LED for distance spotting, and a cluster of three Ultrabright LEDs (available in choice of red, blue, green, infrared or R/B/IR and R/G/IR configurations) to meet the needs of specialized users.

POWER           : 55 Lumens
LAMP              : Maxbright LED, 3 Ultrabright LEDs
BURN TIME    : 22 Hours
BATTERIES     : 1 CR123 Lithium Battery
WEIGHT          :47 Grams



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