Deenside #D050 PR24 RightHandled Baton



The Deenside PR24 Baton, is a premium polycarbonate baton that has been designed to exceed the requirements of baton deployment.

  1. The straight handle of this tonfa is equipped with grooves for a better grip and there is a head on its end to prevent it from being snatched out of hand.

  2. The button-shaped end of the lateral handle ensures a firm grip and rotation of the tonfa, a point at the end of the button makes it possible to use it as an effective hammer; for example, for smashing glass, etc.

  3. The bottom part of the tonfa's body is flat so that the tonfa fits perfectly in hand (and does not slip out). At the same time, when the stroke is directed against the forearm, its power is distributed over a larger surface.

  4. The material used is high strength polycarbonate.

Length: 23,2" (590 mm)
Weight: 610 g
Material: High strength polycarbonate

** Not available for sale to individuals.



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