Deenside D100 L2 Lightweight Vest



The Deenside Lightweight Vest has been developed to provide protection against axes, machetes, projectiles, darts, batons bricks and hypodermic needles. Constructed from lightweight ABS plastic with foam backing for added comfort. The vest is fitted across the shoulders and around the waist by 2" (50mm) nylon webbing straps and is fastened with Velcro TM, allowing for considerable adjustability to fit a range of sizes.

Level 2 Guards have been shown to resist displacement from limbs and torso to a level beyond that required by BS7971-4

They have been assessed for comfort when worn for extended periods of time, ease of donning and any restriction to normal movement during physical activity and have been shown to have an excellent ergonomic score for the requirements of BS 7971-4.

Size - One size fits all.



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