SPUHR H&K MP5 Upgrade Kits

SPUHR of Sweden


The HK roller delayed series of firearms all suffers from far too long stocks. This is especially apparent when it comes to short users and the use of body armor. To make the situation better we have made a stock adaptor for those guns to accept M4 type stocks.

The stock adapter will make the stocks adjustable in length from 50 mm (2”) shorter to about 40 mm (1,6”) longer and also raise the cheek piece and butt plate around 20 mm (0,8”). That way the LOP (Length of Pull) can be adjusted to the current clothing or the current user of the gun. It will make the gun more controllable as the stock is more optimized after the user and also because of the raised butt plate.

Total stock weight will be lower than the original retractable stock solution that weighs 700 gr/24,7 oz. Our solution weighs 495 gr/17,5 oz, nearly 30% lower weight. Alsoit has a QD sling interfaces included so either a single point or a dual point sling conveniently can be used.

The stockadapter is optimized for medium height optical sights (SM-2001, SM-2007) and the use of the original open sights is impossible.

Finally the forend has a smaller dimensions than the original plastic one and is filled with Spuhr Interfaces 3, 6 and 9 o’clock so any desired picatinny or other accessories can be added easily and of course the weight is lower.


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